Supportive partners

Tenerdis is a French energy cluster based in Auvergne Rhône Alpes, the largest industrial region in France.
Tenerrdis is your gateway into a dynamic innovation ecosystem with +260 members (Industries, SMEs, RTOs, public bodies) covering the entire energy value chain:

  • Renewable energy production
  • Energy conversion and storage, hydrogen
  • Energy distribution, flexibility, efficiency
  • Sufficiency and access to resources

PLATOON aims to digitalise the energy sector, enabling thus higher levels of operational excellence with the adoption of disrupting technologies, contributing to increased renewable energy consumption, smart grids management, increased energy efficiency and optimised energy asset management.

Roseau Technologies is a software startup that develops technical software for the planning and operation of lean & flexible power distribution networks.

Inovako is a deep-tech startup, providing AI and computer vision based industrial solutions. Inovako serves a wide range of industries such as automotive, energy, white goods, machinery, food industry, electronics (and much more) with a special focus on quality inspection applications.

Environment Park is a technology park based in Turin (Italy), specialized in the promotion of environmental innovation of SMEs and public organizations. We are the management authority of the CLEVER innovation cluster for clean and energy technologies, one of the seven innovation clusters of Piedmont Region

BABLE Smart Cities is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, with subsidiaries in London, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, and a branch in Iași, Romania. Founded in May 2017 as spin-off from the Fraunhofer-Institute IAO, its goal is to support cities in making urban areas more sustainable and liveable. BABLE specialises in processes from research and strategy development to co-creation methodologies to implementation.

Reengen is a technology SME established in 2012, with end-to-end digital energy intelligence solutions for smart grid and buildings, including public and commercial buildings (e.g. municipalities, banks, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, etc.) and industrial facilities. Already collecting data from thousands of buildings in 15+ countries, the data science centric IoT Platform employs machine learning algorithms and big data analytics in order to provide energy saving, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization and predictive maintenance for its customers.

ALW Finance & Innovation supports you with a European vision of the startup ecosystem, the institutions and the world of venture capital. An innovation expert on the evaluation of manufacturing, AI, and Industry 4.0 projects and designing and implementing innovation policies for institutions.

DIMOFAC is a European initiative that came to life to help factories implement a smart factory architecture that will allow them to be more reactive to a personalised demand and changing market dynamics.
The project is supported by a consortium of 30 complementary European partners including research & technology organisations, industrial software & technology companies, industrial pilot lines and industry associations.

The PeneloPe Project is a H2020 project that stands for Closed-loop digital pipeline for a flexible and modular manufacturing of large components.
PENELOPE aims to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline. An end-to-end Digital Manufacturing solution, enabling a bidirectional dataflow for seamless integration across the entire manufacturing value chain.

Discoperi develops various smart city and energy-related products and applications with strong AI-focus specialized in Road safety, Internet-of-Things for cars, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Startup, Road accidents, Car safety, Self-driving cars, Connected cars, V2I, V2V, Blockchain, Decentralized world, and Community.

BeChained builds the largest electric capacity network from demand flexibility to help grid balance, certify businesses carbon footprint and generate CO2 credits for sustainable innovation. Helping industrial consumers save costs, consumption & CO2 with AI-powered digital twin & unlock incomes from flexibility & CO2 credits markets.

InterConnect gathers 50 European entities to develop and demonstrate advanced solutions for connecting and converging digital homes and buildings with the electricity sector.

The ICOS project aims at covering the set of challenges coming up when addressing this continuum paradigm, proposing an approach embedding a well-defined set of functionalities, ending up in the definition of an IoT2cloud Operating System (ICOS).

The TARGET-X project envisions accelerating the digital transformation of key verticals such as energy, construction, automotive, and manufacturing using large-scale trials in multiple testbeds. By demonstrating, validating, and evaluating the potential of 5G/6G in real environments, technologies such as real-time communication, localization, self-description, digital twinning, and sensor-network data fusion can be tested and evaluated.

BEYOND builds digital trust to enhance the exchange of acceleration resources among acceleration ecosystems.  We conduct a channel of increased investment flows from net contributor regions (leaders) towards emerging regions as net beneficiaries. Our channel provides one effective solution against the undesired geographical gap.

Our group is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services. Together with our 96,000 employees, our customers, partners and stakeholders, we are committed to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

At PropheSea, we provide nowcasting services on the production of solar energy and translate this to operational optimized decisions, improving the penetration of renewable energy. Our mission is to accelerate your business by creating custom predictive software. Our predictive models can be data-driven, building upon state-of-the-art machine learning technology, or by solving mathematical equations.

Elvez is an advanced manufacturing company specializing in providing clients worldwide with plastic injection components, metalized parts, and cable harness solutions.
The company provides a wide range of low to high-volume multi-use injection molding services, PVD metallized parts, and complex made-to-measure cable harness solutions.

The MIICT’s mission is as practical as it is noble: fostering participation in learning and research that directly addresses pressing societal challenges. The MIICT’s approach supports bright minds with pioneering ideas, allowing them to nurture their scientific expertise and concepts. The overarching goal is to advance socially-beneficial technologies, culminating in tangible improvements in people’s day-to-day lives.

I-NERGY Project Supportive Partners Programme



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101016508.